Hera Business Finance – Your one stop-shop for Cases, ATE and Funding.

Our aim is to become your one-stop provider for obtaining claim portfolios and finance solutions with no repayments required until the case has been settled. Hera Business Finance has access to high volumes of PCP and other UDC claims along with financial mis-selling and civil litigation cases. We can provide direct introductions into A rated ATE insurers and can also provide contacts who offer training to law firms on how to maximise your chance of success in court.

Disbursement loans for our solicitor clients helps to preserve a company’s cash flow by advancing payments which would otherwise be made by the law firm. Case acquisition loans help our solicitor clients to purchase cases in larger quantities they may not otherwise be able to obtain. This ensures business growth and work stability for the future.

  • No monthly repayments, pay when the case settles
  • CCA funding (off balance sheet loans) also available
  • Mortgage mis-selling, mis-sold pensions
  • Japanese Knotweed, housing disrepair
  • Commercial litigation funding
  • Improve your cash flow
  • RTA / Medical / Professional negligence cases
  • Minimum loan £250K for Law Firm Lend
  • Unsecured WIP finance
  • Access to pre-vetted claims portfolios
  • New proposals for different claims welcome
  • Military Personal Injury Disbursement Funding
  • Dental Negligence

Life and Rehabilitation Loans. This would be a non-recourse loan directly to the claimant however, no security is required on the property. Available for treatment that is not available on the NHS, this bespoke facility has been designed to provide finance for a claimants personal living expense, such as surgery, specialist equipment, an alteration to their current living accommodation, a new vehicle or a new home. Give your client immediate access to the private sector for physical and mental healthcare services before the claim is resolved. No monthly repayments, the loan (with interest and fees) is repayable when the legal claim is settled, however long it takes.

Let Hera Business Finance be your one-stop-provider offering you unsecured funding at competitive terms.

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